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59. One-dimensional nanostructured vanadium oxides with single-crystalline structure synthesized by cellulose nanocrystal-template-assisted hydrothermal method for Liion battery cathodes

C Youn, W Ko, A Jo, J Lee, Sang Y Yeo, Y Seo, BS Lee, J Kim, T Choi


58. Formation of photo-reactive heterostructure from a multicomponent amorphous alloy with atomically random distribution

HJ Park, HJ Lee, TK Kim, SH Hong, W Wang, T Choi, KB Kim


57. Power efficient transistors with low subthreshold swing using abrupt switching devices

J Aziz, H Kim, T Hussain, H Lee, T Choi, S Rehman, M F Khan, K D Kadam, H Patil, S M Z Mehdi, MJ Lee, SJ Lee, D Kim

56. Modulating the Ferroelectricity of Hafnium Zirconium Oxide Ultrathin Films via Interface Engineering to Control the Oxygen Vacancy Distribution

J Lee, MS Song, WS Jang, J Byun, H Lee, MH Park, J Lee, YM Kim, SC Chae, T Choi

55. Cellulose Nanocrystal Based Bio‐Memristor as a Green Artificial Synaptic Device for Neuromorphic Computing Applications

T Hussain, H Abbas, C Youn, H Lee, T Boynazarov, B Ku, YR Jeon, H Han, JH Lee, C Choi, T Choi

Advanced Materials Technologies, 2100744

54. Epitaxial strain dependent electrocatalytic activity in CaRuO3 thin films

J Lee, SY Jun, T Choi, D Jung, JS Bae, SA Lee, WS Choi

Applied Physics Letters 117 (16), 163906

53. Synergistic Design of Anatase–Rutile TiO2 Nanostructured Heterophase Junctions toward Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation

S Lee, AY Cho, YS Rim, JY Park, T Choi

Coatings 10 (6), 557


52. Effect of plasma power on properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbide hardmask films deposited by PECVD

S Kwon, Y Park, W Ban, C Youn, S Lee, J Yang, D Jung, T Choi

Vacuum, 109187

51. Enhanced ferroelectric photovoltaic effect in semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotube/BiFeO3 heterostructures enabled by wide-range light absorption and efficient charge separation

HJ Lee, HS Kim, OG, JY Kim, JH Kim, JS Choi, HS Jung,  JY Park, DH Kim, YS Seo TJ Choi

J. Mater. Chem. A, 10377

50. Temperature dependence of tunnling current in Pt/Nb:SrTiO3 Schottky junction

Y Kim, S Hwang, C Yoon, J Lee, J Jeon, T Choi, B Park

Applied Physics  Letters, 022901

49. Hybrid photoelectrochemical-rechargeable seawater battery for efficient solar energy storage systems

J Han, S Lee, C Youn, J Lee, Y Kim, T Choi

Electrochimica Acta, 135443

48. Oxygen-deficient triple perovskites as highly active and durable bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen electrode reactions

NI Kim, YJ Sa, TS Yoo, SR Choi, RA Afzal, T Choi, YS Seo, KS Lee, ...

Science advances 4 (6), eaap9360

47. Dynamic mechanical control of local vacancies in NiO thin films

D Seol, SM Yang, S Jesse, M Choi, I Hwang, T Choi, BH Park, SV Kalinin, ...

Nanotechnology 29 (27), 275709

46. Disordered ferroelectricity in the PbTiO3/SrTiO3 superlattice thin film

GY Kim, K Chu, KD Sung, HS Lee, SD Kim, K Song, T Choi, J Lee, ...

APL Materials 5 (6), 066104

45. Ferroelectric BiFeO3/TiO2 nanotube heterostructures for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance

H Lee, H Joo, C Yoon, J Lee, H Lee, J Choi, B Park, T Choi

Current Applied Physics 17 (5), 679-683

44. Mechanically driven luminescence in a ZnS: Cu-PDMS composite

KS Sohn, S Timilsina, SP Singh, T Choi, JS Kim

APL Materials 4 (10), 106102

43. Selector-free resistive switching memory cell based on BiFeO3 nano-island showing high resistance ratio and nonlinearity factor

JH Jeon, HY Joo, YM Kim, DH Lee, JS Kim, YS Kim, T Choi, BH Park

Scientific reports 6, 23299

42. Study of graphene-based 2D-heterostructure device fabricated by all-dry transfer process

DH Tien, JY Park, KB Kim, N Lee, T Choi, P Kim, T Taniguchi, ...

ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (5), 3072-3078

41. Study of the Resistive Switching Effect in Chromium Oxide Thin Films by Use of Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy

KN Pham, M Choi, CV Tran, T Do Nguyen, T Choi, J Lee, BT Phan

Journal of Electronic Materials 44 (10), 3395-3400

40. Configuration of ripple domains and their topological defects formed under local mechanical stress on hexagonal monolayer graphene

Y Park, JS Choi, T Choi, MJ Lee, Q Jia, M Park, H Lee, BH Park

Scientific reports 5, 9390

39. Observation of vortex domain structures in multiferroic hexagonal manganites RMnO3by transmission electron microscopy

Y Horibe, FT Huang, T Choi, N Lee, SW Cheong

Microscopy 63 (suppl_1), i22-i22

38. Correlative multimodal probing of ionically-mediated electromechanical phenomena in simple oxides

Y Kim, E Strelcov, IR Hwang, T Choi, BH Park, S Jesse, SV Kalinin

Scientific reports 3, 2924

37. Kinetics of nanodomain growth in ferroelectric artificial superlattices

T Choi, BH Park, H Shin, J Lee

Scripta Materialia 69 (7), 501-504

36. Large Resistive Switching in Ferroelectric BiFeO3 Nano‐Island Based Switchable Diodes

S Hong, T Choi, JH Jeon, Y Kim, H Lee, HY Joo, I Hwang, JS Kim, ...

Advanced Materials 25 (16), 2339-2343

35. Switchable Schottky diode characteristics induced by electroforming process in Mn-doped ZnO thin films

Y Nam, I Hwang, S Oh, S Lee, K Lee, S Hong, J Kim, T Choi, B Ho Park

Applied Physics Letters 102 (16), 162105

34. Ferroelectric diode and photovoltaic devices and methods

SW Cheong, T Choi, S Lee

US Patent App. 13/578,544

35. Ferroelectric BiFeO 3-coated TiO 2 Electrodes for Enhanced Photovoltaic Properties of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

HY Joo, SB Hong, H Lee, JH Jeon, BH Park, SC Hong, T Choi

Journal of the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material …

34. High rectification and photovoltaic effect in oxide nano-junctions

T Choi, L Jiang, S Lee, T Egami, HN Lee

New Journal of Physics 14 (9), 093056

33. Hopping and trap controlled conduction in Cr-doped SrTiO3 thin films

BT Phan, T Choi, A Romanenko, J Lee

Solid-State Electronics 75, 43-47

32. Facile characterization of ripple domains on exfoliated graphene

JS Choi, JS Kim, IS Byun, DH Lee, IR Hwang, BH Park, T Choi, JY Park, ...

Review of Scientific Instruments 83 (7), 073905

31. Switchable Photodiode Effect in Ferroelectric BiFeO3

SW Cheong, HT Yi, T Choi, A Hogan

Frontiers in Electronic Materials: A Collection of Extended Abstracts of the …

30. Nano-domain engineering in ultrashort-period ferroelectric superlattices

T Choi, B Ho Park, H Shin, J Lee

Applied Physics Letters 100 (22), 222906

29. Wide bandgap tunability in complex transition metal oxides by site-specific substitution

WS Choi, MF Chisholm, DJ Singh, T Choi, GE Jellison Jr, HN Lee

Nature communications 3, 689

28. Mechanism of the Switchable Photovoltaic Effect in Ferroelectric BiFeO3

HT Yi, T Choi, SG Choi, YS Oh, SW Cheong

Advanced Materials 23 (30), 3403-3407

27. Ferroelectric oxide artificial lattice, method for fabricating the same and ferroelectric storage medium for ultrahigh density data storage device

J Lee, T Choi

US Patent 7,741,633

26. Polarization-modulated rectification at ferroelectric surfaces

W Wu, JR Guest, Y Horibe, S Park, T Choi, SW Cheong, M Bode

Physical review letters 104 (21), 217601

25. Insulating interlocked ferroelectric and structural antiphase domain walls in multiferroic YMnO 3

T Choi, Y Horibe, HT Yi, YJ Choi, W Wu, SW Cheong

Nature materials 9 (3), 253-258

24. Nanoscale characterization and local piezoelectric properties of lead-free KNN-LT-LS thin films

M Abazari, T Choi, SW Cheong, A Safari

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 43 (2), 025405

23. Nanoscale Conducting Channels at the Surface of Organic Semiconductors Formed by Decoration of Molecular Steps with Self‐Assembled Molecules

B Lee, T Choi, SW Cheong, V Podzorov

Advanced Functional Materials 19 (23), 3726-3730

22. Reversible colossal resistance switching in : Cryogenic nonvolatile memories

HT Yi, T Choi, SW Cheong

Applied Physics Letters 95 (6), 063509

21. Switchable ferroelectric diode and photovoltaic effect in BiFeO3

T Choi, S Lee, YJ Choi, V Kiryukhin, SW Cheong

Science 324 (5923), 63-66

20. Single ferroelectric and chiral magnetic domain of single-crystalline  in an electric field

S Lee, T Choi, II W Ratcliff, R Erwin, SW Cheong, V Kiryukhin

Physical Review B 78 (10), 100101

19. Impedance spectroscopy study on trap-controlled space-charge-limited conduction of Cr-doped SrTiO3 thin films

BT Phan, T Choi, J Lee

Integrated Ferroelectrics 96 (1), 146-152

18. Trap-controlled space-charge-limited current conduction in the Cr-doped SrTiO3 thin films deposited by using pulsed laser deposition

BT Phan, C Jung, T Choi, J Lee

Journal of Korean Physical Society 51, 664


C Jung, T Choi, BT Phan, J Lee

Integrated Ferroelectrics 90 (1), 107-112

16. Electrical conduction of Cr-Doped SrTiO 3 thin films

BT Phan, TJ Choi, JC Lee

Proceedings of the Materials Research Society of Korea Conference, 30.1-30.1

15. Ferroelectricity in ultrathin PbZrO3/PbTiO3 artificial superlattices by scanning probe microscopy

T Choi, JS Kim, BH Park, H Shin, J Lee

Ferroelectrics 336 (1), 271-277

14. Growth mode of La0. 5Sr0. 5CoO3 thin films with oxygen pressure on stepped SrTiO3 substrates

J Kim, PB Thang, T Choi, C Jung, J Lee

Journal of the Korean Physical Society 49

13. Dielectric properties of PbZrO3/PbTiO3 artificial superlattices grown by pulsed laser deposition

T Choi, J Lee

Ferroelectrics 328 (1), 41-46

12. Structural and dielectric properties of artificial PbZrO3/PbTiO3 superlattices grown by pulsed laser deposition

T Choi, J Lee

Thin Solid Films 475 (1-2), 283-286

11. Enhancement of dielectric and ferroelectric properties of PbZrO 3/PbTiO 3 artificial superlattices

T Choi, J Lee

Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 46 (1), 116-119

10. Bi modification for low-temperature processing of  thin films

T Choi, J Lee

Applied physics letters, 84 (24), 5043-5045

9. Ferroelectric properties of PbZrO3/PbTiO3 artificial superlattices by scanning probe microscopy


Integrated Ferroelectrics, 68 (1), 13-18

8. Low-Temperature Process of Ferroelectric (Y0.95,Bi0.05)MnO3 Thin Films and Their Structural and Electrical Properties

T Choi, SW Kim, KS Yoon, YS Kim, J Lee

Integrated Ferroelectrics, 52 (1), 163-170


T Choi, Y Kim, J Lee

Ferroelectrics 261 (1-4), 131-138

6. Ferroelectric Bi Modified YMnO 3 Thin Films Grown on Si (001) Using Y 2 O 3 Buffer Layer for Metal-Ferroelectric-Insulator-Semiconductor Structure

T Choi, S Shin, YS Kim, J Lee

Integrated Ferroelectrics45 (1), 23-29

5. Structure and Ferroeletric Properties of Bi Modified YMnO 3 Films Deposited on Platinum Electrodes

T Choi, Y Kim, J Lee

Ferroelectrics, 271 (1), 15-20

4. Ferroelectric (Bi 4-x, La x) Ti 3 O 12 (BLT) thin films for metal-ferroelectric-insulator-semiconductor (MFIS) structures

TJ Choi, YS Kim, JC Lee

Journal of the Korean Physical Society 40 (1), 188-192

3. Electrical properties of  thin films on Si for a metal–ferroelectric–insulator–semiconductor structure

T Choi, YS Kim, CW Yang, J Lee

Applied Physics Letters, 79 (10), 1516-1518

2. The growth and electrical properties of ferroelectric (Bi3. 25 La0. 75) Ti3O12 thin films for metal-ferroelectric-insulator-semiconductor

T Choi, Y Kim, J Lee

Ferroelectrics261 (1), 131-137

1. Asymmetric capacitance-voltage characteristics of (Bi3. 25, La0. 75) Ti3O12 thin films grown on Si

T Choi, Y Kim, J Lee

Integrated Ferroelectrics, 40 (1-5), 225-234

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